Tourism in Slovenia

The beauty of Triglav Natural Park

Slovenia is a small country in Europe. Until 1991 it was under Yugoslavia since then Slovenia is an independent state. In 2004, the Alpine country became a member of the European Union. Slovenia was the first nation of the former socialist states in Eastern Europe to use the euro as a means of payment in 2007. Despite some economic crises, Slovenia is considered one of the richest countries in Eastern Europe.

More and more tourists are coming to the small country between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. Winter athletes, especially skiers, come in large numbers in the mountain regions. Winter sports resorts such as Kranjska Gora are known throughout Europe. The short coast of Slovenia is popular with holidaymakers in summer. Some of the coastal towns have a long tourist tradition with many luxury hotels. Piran with its grand old town is one of the pearls of the northern Adriatic. On the Slovenian coast, you will find some great beaches.

The Triglav National Park is located in the Alps in the north-west of the country. It is often visited by hikers and skiers. Here are the highest mountains in the country. Some peaks are almost 3,000 meters high. In the region, there are several known lakes. The best known is Lake Bled. Bled and the lake has been a popular holiday destination for more than 100 years. Many Austrians come here; the border is less than 20 km away. A bit more secluded is the lake Wocheiner in the Triglav National Park in the Alps. Here hikers and nature lovers meet.

On the Triglav National park, you will also get Vintgar gorge which is a wine garden. There is a wooden path and walkways and through this way you can explore the gorge. While passing the walkway, you will get a beautiful view of the garden and waterfall. If you are visiting the place in seasonal time, you will get this place very crowded. If you are visiting it in off-season, you can enjoy the beauty of this place. You have to pay small amount for the entry to this place. As the gorge is one mile long, you will need to wear comfortable and light shoes and dress. For more information about this place, you can visit

For many tourists climbing the Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia is a highlight of their vacation. The locals say that only people really know Slovenia, which once stood on top of the Triglav. The mountain is something of a national sanctuary. So, if you are a mountain lover, you should definitely keep the mountain climbing of Triglav in your checklist.